How To Give Your Hairbrush A Right Good Clean In Only 4 Easy Steps

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How to give your hairbrush a right good clean- in only 4 easy steps!

Do you ever feel dirt building up in your hairbrush? Maybe you feel like your hair is starting to look greasy a lot quicker, or just needs to be washed more often? Maybe your hair has been looking a lot more dead and unhealthy recently, and you noticing many split ends. Well, let me ask you a question. When was the last time you cleaned your hairbrush? And I’m not talking about taking the build-up of hair out quickly, once every 3 months, I mean when did you really, properly clean it? Like, wash it, dry it and get every little strand of hair out? Probably, not for a very long time if even at all.

Did you know that one of the biggest causes of unhealthy hair is having a dirty hairbrush? There are so many bacteria and grease that get into your hairbrush, resulting in your hair going greasy quicker, or split ends. So if you’re on the road to healthy, glossy hair, one thing that you might not realise you should be doing is washing that hairbrush of yours! So let me tell you how!

Hairbrush washing – step number 1

The first step to washing your hairbrush is one of the most commonly done- but most people abandon it after this step! We are going to remove all of that tangled, dirty hair from the base of the brush. The hair in the base has so much bacteria in it it is crazy, so we start by removing this!

Many people get a comb and tease up the hairs from the bottom, to help them lift easier. This is usually if it is a paddle brush and you are struggling to get the hair out, many other brushes are easier and you can just pull the hair out!

Make sure to take all your hair out, and throw it away and we are ready to move onto the next step!

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Comb teasing removing the hair!

Hairbrush cleaning – step 2

The next step is one that people don’t realise you should be doing! You want to CLEAN your brush, if we wash our hair to remove all the grease and dirt, what makes you think this same bacteria won’t also be in your hairbrush?

Fill up a bowl or sink with warm water and squirt a little bit of shampoo in the water. Ruffle it up until it goes bubbly and just plop your hairbrush into the water to clean it. Lave your brush in the water for 10 to 15 minutes to fully clean.

If you would like, you can take an old toothbrush, and get in all the gaps, scrubbing every bit on your brush to make sure you are getting all of the bacteria and germs out of the brush!

Hairbrush cleaning – step 3

Once your brush has bathed in the water for roughly 15 minutes, drain the water out of the sink. You might want to give your brush a quick shake or reuse the comb to get any stray bits of hair that you have found!

The next step is to run your hairbrush under mild water in the tap, just for a minute or so. This is just removing anything that has been left on the brush, making it as clean as can be!

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Hairbrush cleaning – step 4

The last but not least step is to dry your hairbrush! Just sit your brush on a towel or paper towel and let it air dry! Once you have done this, you are done! Hopefully, you have a nice clean brush to give you long, luscious hair!

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