Backyard Revolution Review – Can You Really Save On Those Electricity Bills?

Backyard Revolution Review

Are you tired of paying hefty electricity bills? ever wanted to be free from these bills and maybe even build your very own solar panel system? now nothing is stopping you, this guide will show you the exact steps you need to take to finally be free from the energy giants who hold us all to ransom.

backyard revolution review
backyard revolution review

It was an MIT student who found this system out after he learned the average American family spends upwards of $2000 per year on their energy bills, which is a good chunk of change when you think about it.

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With this system, you are projected to save at least 60+ per cent of your energy bills, which is well over $1000 in money terms. the man behind this is called Zack Bennet who hails from the sunshine state of Florida.

After he had a scary experience during a robbery which happened because his house had a blackout this prompted him to research alternate ways to always have power on so nothing like this experience could happen again.

The ebook is very detailed I can tell you the videos are very detailed too with no extra filler or fluff, what you will get when you purchase is:

  • eBook – The full 117 page ebook outlining all the steps you need to take.
  • Alternate sources report – A small guide which bolsters the backyard revolution design, more like a failsafe if the unthinkable happens.
  • Energy stockpile report – Another very useful guide on where and how to store the excess power that is being generated by your system.
  • Essentials report – The last report listing essential safety precautions when using your system.

You will need to put a little bit of money aside for some essential materials to build your power generating system, around $150 should be about right although you are getting free energy you still need to pay a little towards its construction.

All the parts you need have been tried and tested and they are very easy to find in local hardware stores, you won’t need anything from back to the future here 🙂 everything is pretty much easily sourceable locally.

It has been estimated you should save around $250 every 3 months or so, not too bad for a couple of hours of work or the same time it takes to watch a football game. The result may look a little too big to some but as long as it works, this is the main thing.

backyard revolution
backyard revolution

The image above is the final product (this is what you are aiming to build), you will get access to the ebook and the video course, which covers all the steps very carefully and in-depth to build your 3d solar panel system you do not need complicated tools or knowledge to complete this all the steps are there and in a format that is easy to follow.

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Backyard Revolution Solar Panels

Solar Panels are crucial to this course, it’s an investment like no other, I firmly believe energy companies would have them banned if they could. It is no secret that the big dogs do not like any type of competition.

If you look at the image above of the completed system you will see how important a role they play in the design, without them you would have no free power. And that is ultimately our end goal so don’t skimp on this important part or you will defeat the purpose.

Backyard Revolution Is It Worth It?

It is only worth it if you can spare the time to implement the steps outlined in the ebook which has nearly 120 pages in it describing the exact steps to take to accomplish building your solar panel system.

To me, it is very much worth it, many people have saved so much money by implementing this design into their house or cabin it is the best and only way to save on those large energy bills and still be legal. No one can stop you from constructing and using the solar panels in this design.

At the end of the day, we every day working joes love nothing better than saving a few dollars here and there, and energy bills take up a good chunk of our income, it is no surprise when we want to try things out like the backyard revolution.

I know from the sound of it if you tried to explain to a friend what you are trying to do it would sound strange! they would probably automatically dismiss the idea as a scam of sorts, but they are the ones who will look silly when you are saving hundreds of dollars every few months for a few hours of work.

Ultimately it will depend on how much money you save to determine if it was worth it to you, from my experience and talking to other people who have bought the course it was easy to say yes to.


It should be what is your conclusion? who does not like free energy! if you follow the ebook and videos to the letter you can very easily build your energy system.

And what is more, even if you didn’t like it for some reason you can sell online for a quick sale I would try eBay! on top of that, they give a 60-day money-back guarantee if you know anything about me yet it’s I love when people offer that it instils trust.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by reading it for yourself, click on the link below and you’ll be taken to their official website, I would love to see photos of your setup just send us an email with a link to your photo and if you allow us we will post the image online for others to see for inspiration!

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