3 types of inequality in the USA- interesting politics lesson.

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Inequality in the USA. Such a big factor, that is not spoken about enough. In the usa there are 4 main ethnic groups, white Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, and black Americans. Across every single social and economic indicator, black Americans tend to do worse and suffer greater inequalities in all aspects of life than white or Asian Americans.

Often brought up in rough, run down areas known as ghettos or projects, black Americans are likely to suffer a cycle of poverty and experience higher drop out rates in school, achieve poorer and fewer qualifications than Asians and whites as well as being more likely to earn less, be unemployed and die at a younger age.

Income and wealth inequality

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Evidence shows that black Americans are twice as likely to suffer poverty than the rest of the USA and therefore are more likely to suffer inequality. However, there is evidence of some black Americans have started to make progress and achieve better qualifications, jobs and see can be classes as members of the Black American middle class, for example, 40% of black Americans now see themselves as middle class compared to around 42% of whites. This shows progress for some but for majority of black Americans, they remain the group most likely to suffer social and economic inequality.

One area of inequality in the USA is in terms of poverty and income. One percent of the US population own 40% of the country’s wealth with the richest 10% of Americans own 9 times more wealth than the remaining 90% of Americans. In analysis, the USA is a deeply unequal society with 1,000 billionaires and 22 millionaires whilst many other million other Americans have to rely on food stamps and have little or no health insurance. This clearly shows the extent of inequality in the usa with Black Americans being the group most likely to suffer inequality.

In terms of poverty, all the indicators highlight the inequality that all indicators highlight the inequality that black Americans suffer. They are 2.5x more likely to be poor than white Americans with 20% of Blacks in poverty compared to 8% of whites. Likewise, they are twice as likely than Asian Americans to be poor with 9% of Asians in poverty compared to 20% of black Americans. The same is true for unemployment. In 2022, 2.6% of Asian Americans were jobless. 3.6% of whites and 6.6% of blacks.

In analysis we can clearly say that they are twice as likely to suffer inequality than Whites or Asians. The same is true for average salary between ethnic groups. Asian Americans earn on average $82,000 compared to $41,000 for blacks highlighting that Asian Americans earn twice as much money as blacks. This highlights and reinforces the point that blacks are the group in America that suffer consistently more than other groups. Clearly, this evidence indicates the unequal nature of American society.

Education inequality

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Another area of inequality is education. There are clear differences when it comes to education inequality. Black school students are less likely than whites to graduate (65% compared to 92%) and they type of qualification they get differs from white. 955 of whites achieve a collage qualification compared to only 53% of blacks. This impacts on the type of jobs they can do and the money they earn which creates further inequality in later life.

As does the drop out rates as 20% of blacks drop out of school or collage compared to 11% of white’s and only 3% of Asians. So in Analysis, black students are 6 times more likely than whites to leave education before the end of their course. This clearly highlights further inequality between groups.

Health care inequality

Another area of this is healthcare. Currently, 45 million Americans do not have health insurance which is 15% of the population, with many blacks experiencing health differences. 1.5 million Americans lose their homes each year in order to pay for healthcare. Blacks have a poorer and lower life expectancy with whites living on average 3 years longer than Blacks. In terms of health insurance, 20% of blacks have no health insurance compared to 10% of whites. These statistics indicate that blacks suffer health inequalities.

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