Scottish Prisons – And 6 Points Of Effectiveness

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Prisons are a big part of the crime in the law, criminology and modern studies course, talking about their roles and if they are effective or ineffective. If you are needing help on studying, just doing some research then this is the correct source for you! Purpose of Scottish Prison Services! One purpose of prisons … Read more

Shameless – one of my favourite #1 tv shows

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Shameless. Such a dramatic show of the story of a working class household in Chicago. Six kids. Alcoholic Father. Absent Mother. Sister in charge in a house where criminal activity is normalised and part of the everyday routine. What could possibly go wrong? Shameless plot! Frank Gallagher is the head of a working-class family in … Read more

Effectiveness and Ineffectiveness of criminal courts – 6 useful crime and the law points.

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Are criminal courts effective or ineffective? This is a big question that gets asked regularly about criminal courts, and is a big debate in many places, especially modern studies classrooms, this could help you with passing your Nat 5 modern studies exam as it is a big section of the course! Effectiveness of criminal courts! … Read more

Scottish Children’s Hearing System – Scotland’s #1 children’s system.

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The Children’s Hearing System. In Scotland, children (mostly under 16) are only considered for prosecution in court for serious offences. In other cases, children are referred to the ‘The Reporter’ who can decide to refer the child to the Childrens Hearing System (The children’s panel). The Childrens Hearing System has many different roles and powers, … Read more