6 day gym plan

6 Day Gym Plan For The Best Results

Do you want a body perfect for summer? Well, follow our 6-day gym plan and it won’t be long until you see results! Why use the gym? Summer is just around the corner, and we’ve all been saying since January that we’re going to make a change this year. So, why not follow our gym […]

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Vultr WordPress Hosting – 2 Perfect Combinations

Vultr WordPress Hosting I have written an article before on how much I think Vultr is by far the best cloud hosting solution for your websites, not just WordPress but all your sites should be hosted with them in my opinion. There are so many reasons to use vultr web hosting as opposed to any


Top 5 Gorgeous Beach Vacations For A Relaxing Holiday

Are you looking for a gorgeous, holiday where you can lie at the side of the ocean, smelling the sea air? Maybe you want to lie on the warm, golden sand, or take a paddle in the fresh blue, ocean salt water. Or maybe you want to jump in a hotel pool and tan on

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Top 5 Most Beautiful City Breaks To See The Best Sights

Are you looking to take a city break? Eat some of the best foods, see some of the world’s greatest views and spend a few days away? Try some different pizzas and pasta, or some of the world’s greatest burgers with the empire state building right outside! Well, if you keep reading I will tell

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Top 3 Easy Study Tips To Help You Pass Exams

Are you struggling to study for your exams? Maybe you can’t put your phone down, keep on scrolling through Tik Tok when you know you should be scrolling through google classroom. Or maybe, the information that you keep reading over and over just won’t stick in your head? Well, if you have these issues, I

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My Top 4 Fake Tan Secrets To Being A Bronze Goddess

Are you feeling a little pale? Maybe you did not pick up much of a tan from the sun this summer, or you have a party that you want to look golden for, and you are starting to wonder, “how do I tan, without the sun?” Well, I have 4 top tips and trust me,

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N5 Modern Studies Question Help

Are you currently studying Nat 5 modern studies but need question practice? They can be so easy and tricky at the same time. Maybe you just want a wee bit of practice with them to help with the prelims and upcoming exams. Well, no matter why you want a bit of practice, I am here

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